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You are here because after determining your GAP (Google AC Profile) and doing the action steps highlighted by Prioritize It!, you concluded that traffic recovery was unlikely and you started a new site. You know that your time and effort are best spent on a fresh, focused website, where you can apply all of the "best practices for success" you learned from your previous experience.

At the same time, though, you're hesitant about completely dropping your old site. It's your "baby," after all. And perhaps the site still generates some income, even though there was a significant impact on its traffic.

The best solution?

An Autopilot It! annual $50 subscription keeps your old site "live" on the Web, but puts it into "let it be" mode (i.e., no work is being done on the site). This allows you to earn AdSense checks and/or income from existing monetization sources for as long as the money stream lasts.

Autopilot It! also lets you change your mind about the future of your old site, after careful, objective reflection on the pros and cons. Simply ask Support how to upgrade it to a full SBI! site again at the regular annual price.

Note: To be eligible for the special Autopilot It! annual subscription of $50 for your old site, your new website must be active, and remain active, throughout the Autopilot It! subscription period.

After you place your order below, you will be asked to provide the URL of your new site to our Support Team who will then finalize the Autopilot It! subscription.

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